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Make every treatment

Every day we help each woman feel and look even more stylish!

When you feel like your daily work routine really exhausted you, feel free to come by.
Our professional manicurists will do their best to soothe and calm your body & mind!
Choose any color of your nail polish – and we will make it work for you!


Beautifully maintained hands make us feel good about ourselves, and helps to leave a good impression on others. At Nefeli Nail Salon, we offer a variety of manicure services to meet your needs- ranging from Classic for quick grooming to Deluxe for extra pampering.


Our feet are so often taken for granted! They support us all day, and get us where we need to go. Return the favor with regular maintenance! We offer several tiers of pedicure services to take excellent care of the feet that take care of you.

Acrylic & Waxing

If you’d like to add extra length or custom shaping to your nails, acrylics are the way to go! Our technicians apply acrylic powder over your natural nails, and can even attach extending tips, providing the additional strength and length that you desire.

Unwanted facial or body hair? Not to worry- Nefeli Nail Salon is at the ready, and will leave your skin silky smooth and hassle free for weeks at a time.

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